Sunday, October 04, 2015

I am a lover of all things SHOES!  A girl can never have too many shoes and a girl likes to have choices.  This can be a BIG problem when you are traveling.

About a year and a half ago, I challenged myself to go to Hawaii for 10 days in one carryon suitcase. ONE!  I did it..quite successfully.  Then I graduated to 2 weeks in Europe in one carry-on suitcase. ONE! This was much more difficult - but quite an accomplishment. I am now confident enough to say that I can go almost anywhere in a carry-on.  Almost.

I was initially inspired here to start to minimize my packing habits.  MK gives great advice and has great photos to help you out.

Italy bags for the two of us

I wanted to share my handy tips for packing light:
  • Choose neutral bottoms and mix in brighter, patterned tops.  I travel with a lot of black, white and gray.
  • Mix and match are a must.  One pair of pants, one skirt and one pair of shorts will go a long way with various tops.  I love these here.
  • Layers are critical.  I like tank tops, short sleeve t-shirts and long t-shirts with button down shirts, sweaters or jackets.  Use jewelry and scarves to change up your outfit.
  • Shoes...oh my...I either go black or brown - not both.  I choose my outfits to minimize my shoes.  Comfortable shoes are a lifesaver - I love these.
  • You can always buy toiletries where you are going if necessary. If not, use travel bottles.  Never take full bottles of anything - not only do full shampoo bottles take up space, but they are heavy.
  • Planning and organization are key.  Lay everything out on your bed way in advance.  Match up your outfits and downsize not once, but twice.  This gives you time to run out and buy any missing items.
  • Roll, roll, roll everything.  It not only maximizes space, but it helps prevent wrinkles.
I found a great deal of freedom in packing light.  It is easier to move from hotel to hotel and you are
worried less about what you are going to wear.  You are more relaxed and able to enjoy the sights and the company.

Sidewalk cafe in Guadalajara, MX
I'm now preparing for two weeks in Mexico in November.  One week in Guadalajara which will include a 78/48 temperature swing and a very formal wedding, and then one in Playa del Carmen at the beach.  Because of the very formal attire needed - I may not make my goal of one carry-on suitcase.  But, I accept the challenge.

eat. love. live well.

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