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Friday, January 15, 2016

Once you graduate from college - you are often thrown into the world of credit and finance with a load of student debt and no way to even buy a clue.  I have always felt that in High School we should teach kids how to manage money.  Balancing a check book, understanding your credit score, and the ins and outs of credit and loans are invaluable skills that many young adults just don't have.

As a Real Estate professional for over 18 years - I see many, many home buyers who don't know what their credit score is, how to improve that score, or what it takes to qualify for a home mortgage.

Credit Sesame is website designed to educate the consumer about all of this and more.  Free credit reports and credit monitoring, along with identity theft protection are only a few of the services that they offer.

Credit Sesame is one of the most comprehensive websites that I have come across.  They allow you to manage your debt, provide you with financial insight and personalized recommendations so that you can work towards reaching your financial goals.

Credit Sesame  offers tons of information on home loans, credit cards, auto loans and more.  This is really a complete package of credit and loan education at your fingertips.

The best thing about Credit Sesame is that their services are 100% FREE.  They even have an app for your smartphone so you can take the information everywhere with you.  There is no reason not to try this out.

As much as the government has tried to protect the consumer and make things easier for them to understand - it can still be overwhelming for the average person to navigate the world of credit and finance.

When you are looking to buy a home you need many tools in your toolbox, a great Realtor, a good mortgage professional and now Credit Sesame.  Knowledge is power.

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I am a monthly contributor to Credit Sesame, but provide my review independently without compensation.


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