Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Smartphones are a traveling necessity unless of course you are going commando in the jungle.  I prefer to be well connected when I travel.  There are so many apps available for both iPhones and Androids that you can have tons of information at your fingertips.

Smartphone apps for travelers can save your bacon in a pinch.  They can help you find your way, get a rental car, a hotel room or find a great restaurant.  They even have apps that will convert currency and translate a foreign language.

Here are some of my favorites:

Fodor's City Guide App

Forget dragging along guidebooks - this great 
city guide app is your answer.  Recommendations,
booking capability and maps.  Perfect for multi-city

Fodors City Guide App


Tripit allows you to create a master itinerary
from your email confirmations.  Get travel alerts 
and keep all reservations in one place for 
easy reference.


This is one of my go-to travel sites.                                          
I like the way that it is organized, it is easy to                                 
navigate, and the reviews are easy to read.     
So happy to have it in an app that I can take 
everywhere with me.                                           

Packing Pro
This is a terrific packing app that allows
to you make multiple packing lists for different
kinds of travel.  It also allows you to make lists 
for the whole family.  Great for type As like me.

Packing Pro 

Currency Exchange App

Live exchange rates make this app
the most accurate conversion companion.
Invaluable for foreign travel.
Currency Exchange App 

Google Translate

This app is a must for foreign travelers.
No need to carry a translation dictionary
in your bag anymore.  This is handy
and quick.

Google Translate - Apple        Google Translate - Android


As a foodie, yelp is by far my favorite app.
Whether I am local or traveling abroad, yelp
makes it easy to find favorite restaurants and 


Whatever apps you choose to use please remember that international data charges may apply.  It is important to check with your cellular provider for the costs associated with using your electronic devices in foreign countries.

eat. love. live well.

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