Fall is Just Around the Corner!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Some of our trees are already starting to turn orange and yellow, there are piles of leaves collecting in the yard, and the Virginia Creeper is about to give us a glorious show.  IT IS TOO EARLY!  It isn't even Labor Day - Yikes!!

With cooler weather coming it is romantic to think of football, cider, and sweaters.  But, real women think of all the home maintenance that they need their husbands to do.  So to help all of you real women AND real men out - I have posted a Fall Maintenance Checklist to help with all of the "honey - dos"!

With the threat of El Nino meeting the Blob (Google it) - we probably should really pay attention to caulking and weather stripping, gutters, and our furnaces.  Oh and buy a new snow shovel - just in case.

A well-maintained home is always easier to sell and helps a homeowner to avoid problems during the inspection period.  Homes in good condition that are properly cared for can expect to receive a higher price than a home that has been neglected.

It is still a great time to sell in our local Reno/Spark Real Estate market.  Inventory at certain price points is still low and interest rates are still laying low, (for now).  Think about these maintenance items if you are considering selling before Spring.

My husband, Javier is busy this Saturday morning working on his list - while I sit and blog.  :)-Whether you do your own home maintenance or higher someone to help - it might be smart to start on it now...before the weather really changes and you are wishing for sunshine.


Kristen Gil
Dickson Realty

If you would like more information on buying or selling Real Estate - please visit my website at www.move2reno.com

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