Monday, June 13, 2016

The Summer selling season is in full swing and many people are thinking about getting their homes ready to sell.  Getting your home on the market can be a big job.  Here are my top ten items for you to consider when you are thinking about getting your home market ready.

1    1. Clear out the clutter

Clear the decks.  Cut everything in half.  Downsize your furniture, it will make your space look larger.  We all have too much on our kitchen and bathroom counters, too many books and too many family pictures.  Start packing up and sending things to storage. 

2  2. Clean and organize the garage

If you can't afford to rent a storage unit, it is ok to use your garage for storage.  This is a great space for storing boxes as you pack you them.  Just make sure that it is well organized, neat, and tidy.

3     3. Fresh paint

Touch up paint and clean baseboards can go a long way when selling your home.  Some rooms may need a full paint job.  Keep the colors neutral.

      4. Clean carpets

Nothing turns a buyer off like carpet stains and pet odor.  A good carpet cleaner is invaluable when preparing your home.

      5. Make any needed repairs

If there are repairs that you know need to be done, get them done now.  A home that is well cared for can expect top dollar.

     6. Paint the front door

A fresh and inviting front door make a good first impression.

      7. Clean up landscaping

Remove any junk from the property, trim the trees and bushes, remove any dead plants.

     8. Add flowers to front entry

Curb appeal is important.  Make your home stand out with some pretty blooms.

       9. Smell fresh

Odors are BAD!  Nothing puts a buyer off like bad smells.  Make sure that your home smells good.  Take the garbage out daily.  Use Scentsy plug ins for a nice additional smell without the candle.  You can buy them HERE

      10. Showings

Leave lights on, blinds open, and some soft music playing for showings.

I have been helping families buy and sell homes in the Reno/Sparks area for over 18 years.  It is vital that you have a solid, well respected, and seasoned Realtor on your team when you are looking to buy or sell a home. Please call me today and let's have a conversation about the market and how you can take advantage of our increasing values and low interest rates.

Contact me for all of your Real Estate needs at 775-762-7653 or

Good luck and happy selling season!


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