Thursday, May 26, 2016

My husband, The Sexy Mexican, travels for business...he travels..A LOT!!  For several years he has pestered me to sign up for TSA pre-check.

When we travel together he breezes through his line, while I am stuck with he non-traveling people who don't read the rules, don't listen to the rules, and have smelly feet.  He then patiently waits for me while I put my shoes on and repack my bags.  Patiently.

TSA pre-check allows you to get into an express lane for the airport security checkpoint.  You don't have to take your shoes or belt off or remove your light jacket.  You also don't have to take out your laptop or quart size bag of liquids.  How incredibly convenient is that?

So, I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment at our local TSA office which is located in our airport.  I booked the appointment out several weeks, due to my busy schedule.  In the meantime, TSA started to implode.  Long lines, huge delays, a disaster in Chicago where people missed their flights because of 4 hour security checkpoint lines, people are being fired.

Apparently, the TSA Big Dogs, were unprepared for the busier than busy summer travel season. They didn't get the memo that IT HAPPENS EVERY SUMMER.

Well, the media picks up the TSA disaster and causes panic in travelers everywhere.  By the time I arrive for my 8am appointment, there is a line of 20 people and the wait is up to 4 hours, if you do not have an appointment. BTW - I think the drama created by the media may be overblown.  But, the general public doesn't think so - so now everyone is scrambling to sign up for TSA Pre-Check.

The process is painless - bring your passport and $85, fill out the form, pay the money, and boom - 5 minutes in and out.  ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT - otherwise you wait, wait, and wait some more.  You then must keep checking their website for your TSA Pre-Check number. The clerk told me it could be as soon as a week - but I'm sure that the long lines are going to create a back logged, clogged drain situation at this end of the TSA, as well.

I recommend checking their WEBSITE or calling the local number to review the required documentation if you do not have a passport.  Be prepared before you go.

Now I am just waiting on my number, so that I can breeze through security and quickly be on my way to my destination.  The only problem I see, is that now - so is everyone else.  I hope the express lane - stays express.  Happy travels.

eat. love. live well.

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