Tuesday, March 08, 2016

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Cauliflower often gets a bad rap alongside its culinary cousin the broccoli.  But - I say NO!  NO more turning your nose up at the versatile cauliflower.  That's right I said it - v e r s a t i l e.  Roasted, pureed, mashed, riced.  Yes - rice - Cauliflower rice.  Awhile back I shared the miracle of mashed cauliflower HERE  Today I will confirm your love of all things cauliflower with several recipes for cauliflower rice.  Cauliflower lovers unite - and - enjoy!

courtesy of minimalistbaker.com

This is a great basic recipe for plain cauliflower rice.  Whether you use a box grater or an s-blade in your food processor, this rice will store well in the refrigerator.  Pull some out midweek for rice pilaf and then again for an awesome stir fry.  Find the full recipe  HERE - courtesy of minimalistbaker.com

courtesy of foodnetwork.com

Here is a perfectly simple recipe for cauliflower rice.  The clean and bright flavors are a nice accompaniment to any main dish.  Find the full recipe HERE - courtesy of foodnetwork.com 

THIS. IS. HEAVEN.  This rice is full of goodness and yumminess and awesomeness.  Ok, overused words for sure - but not caring!!  This recipe would be great with shrimp or chicken as the main. Or just a big bowl of heaven...on the sofa...with a Netflix binge.  Find the full recipe HERE - courtesy of thektchn.com

So jump right in and join the cauliflower bandwagon.  A great substitute for you Paleo geeks.

eat. love. live well.

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